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Imola Vida-Veres (photo by Alianna Albert)

Imola Vida-Veres

Imola Vida-Veres is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and music educator with nearly 20 years of experience in the musical field.

Known for her creativity, curiosity, and professionalism, Imola is dedicated to merge her musical experiences in an evocative pop-singer-songwriter style.

After her individual journey as a classical musician and singer, she explored the joy of arranging and composing for her local fellow musicians, international collaborators, regardless of genre - and lately, for herself. 

Imola Vida-Veres (photo by Alianna Albert)
Imola Vida-Veres (photo by Alianna Albert)

Imola's desire to share her knowledge and experience with others has led her to become a sought-after music educator. With a deep understanding of the voice and music theory, and a natural ability to connect with students, Imola's teaching style is engaging, inspiring, and effective.

Based in Sopron, Hungary, she offers a wide range of music-related services, including live performances, songwriting, and high-quality teaching both in person and online.

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